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1. Cooperate with top Enterprise in Beauty Industry.

The world’s top medical beauty equipment supplier,PRT company invested 80 million RMB to start the brand “SHOWYOUNG”.

PRT company focus/specialized on the introduction and research and development of big Medical beauty devices. We have established long-term strategic alliances with about 150 top beauty clubs and cosmetic surgery hospitals, such as ShowYu,YuanMeng Palace,DanFengYan, Mylike medical beauty group ,Shenzhen Sun Aesthetic Surgery Hospital ,Fuhua cosmetology Hospital ,Boai Hospital etc..

2. Represented by celebrity.

Jin Qiubing ,First person of electric wave sheet-jelly ,needle-free Mesotherapy, Shockwave Therapy and Ultrasonic Scalpel .

With 12 years of experience in beauty equipment industry .

Deputy director of professional standard promotion and management Committee of China Beauty Industry .

Lifetime /Tenured professor of Abdomen Age International Group

Special Coach of Abdomen health for Super Star Michele Lee ,Michele Monique Reis.

Personal Stylist consultant for Miss Asia

Expert and judge for HongKong Asia TV

3. Let product speak for itself .

ShowYoung Skin Care devices apply the most advanced technology of Microcurrent to penetrate deep into SMAS .During the time of uplifting and pushing down ,it produces soft wave impulse by electric wave,and make then line in a row regularly and closely. And it stimulates the production of ATP(Adenosine Triphosphate) so as to producing collagen and elastin which make skin uplifting and firming .

Using it 5 minutes per day to regulate your skin texture and change your face from U to V.

4. Popular at home and abroad

Our products are widely sold in Germany,the United States,Japan,Sweden,Switzerland, Norway , South Korea and Singapore etc,. And there are more than 33 agencies in those countries.

HongKong Electronics Fair

Customers from Malaysia agency at Fair

Beauty Fair in Italy

5. What can 10,000 RMB do ?

Free of initial fee---5 sets of ShowYoung smart devices and Beautiful product display brackets.

Good profit

Do not need any storage. Factory will do the delivery.

Regional Protection

About 8 million advertisement Fee each year can help in selling.

There are about 200 franchises in China to sell together with you .

With the most advanced technology

It can help the selling your skincare products. It increases 2-3 times of the consumption of your skin care products.

We offer about wechat courses worth about 2880RMB ,and retail marketing courses worth 12,880 RMB ,and store management courses worth 12,880RMB.

6. Qualification to join us (Experience Store )

Have your own beauty salon

In our protection region .

10,000RMB’ deposit which will give it back to you at the end of cooperation.

7. Process of joining us

Send your detail information -----Sign contract----deposit of joining----delivery in 7 working days .

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