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ShowYoung Brand Story

In the name of Beauty and Love

Every word worth to remember and realize in deep love .

July 22,2010 ,Jin Qiu Bing was shavering in front of the mirror.His wife saw him and had an idea “Is there any small device which can remove acne and wrinkles easily ?”.At that moment ,Jin QiuBing kept it in mind and started to think about of realizing it .

He called it “ShowYoung ”,even before he had any idea of the design. “ShowYoung” is a little sweet ,cute and lovely.Just like a couple in love . The device was designed with the size of a shaver with elegant color ,simple and fashion . it looked like a young girl ,healthy and clean .

During a whole year ,He did the design ,research and development ,and she tried and gave advice . August in 2011,“ShowYoung”was born ,and got 3C,FCC certification and started to sell abroad at the same time .

2015,new version of smart device of Show young B360 was born with USB interface . And we develop an App for skin testing .

Beauty starts from clean and healthy skin and confidence .

“ShowYoung”can help in skin care and give you more confidence to love.This is why we develop this lovely device .

Girls are beautiful ,love can not stop .

We are moving on ,and our story is just beginning .

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